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Valve’s new game for Steam Deck, is a hybrid between Half-Life and RTS for a data worker –

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Tyler McVicker – creator of the Valve News Network – recently reported some information that was discovered by modifying software data from valve (such as Steam, DOTA 2, etc.) About Castle (codename), a cooperative FPS/RTS game described as a mixture of Left 4 Dead and Alien Swarm, or A son between Half-Life and RTS.

According to MacVicker who has been researching the game since 2018, Citadel is in development with a particular focus on Steam Deck and console controls. Citadel is still in full development and should be available In a year and a half or two years. Valve is mostly focused on producing and distributing Steam Deck now, but not so it has put work on the game aside: that’s McVicker tells us.

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McVicker himself points out, however, that everything is only one Rumor This is not official information. The data factor states that it does not represent Valve in any way and that only the company will finally be able to determine what will happen to the Citadel project.

New original projects from Valve certainly wouldn’t be annoying, especially if they were designed to take advantage of Steam Deck features. Remember, Steam Deck has been pushed back to 2022: a new release period for Valve’s portable console.

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