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Valpusteria defeated head-to-head, Bolzano – OA Sport also fell

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Two defeats for the Italian teams Participant in the 2021-2022 ICE Ice Hockey Championship. Valpusteria has in fact given way to the battleship Villach, In second place with a score of 4-6. Instead, Bolzano works It is located in the house of Graz with a score of almost 4-1 more.

It was undoubtedly the hardest matchwho saw wolves as heroes,able to find the extension immediately at 6:20 with Bardaro, Then the answer to the Scofield lottery (16:38) With the new temporary feature thanks to Gerlach at 17:08. But in the second stage, it came later From all the strength of the guestsdaring to liquidate the score again with Richter (8:25) and put a nose in front of 16:34 with Oleksuk. But Valpusteria does not fitfinding 3-3 at the end with Harju (19:08) and taking a hit even in the third inning Catch opponents again, at the start is still ahead of Rebering (2:07) thanks to an amazing Willcox 4-4. Austrian national team Only in the end will he assert his sovereigntytrapping the hosts again with Oleksuk (12:01) and finally with Colllins (18:34).

Defeat foxes, explained in difficulty Throughout the match were forced to chase from the first period Because of the advantage that Graz signed with Grafenthin (12:30) and the double and then reached Power play in the second half with Oberkofler (9:26). Trying to reopen the Insam Games in the last chapter (3:06) Then Grafenthen answered again (15:29) and two minutes after the end, Chichi answered (18:55), putting the final 4-1 on the score sheet.

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Valpusteria and Bolzano will return on the ice on Friday, February 25th.

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