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Valeria Marini defeated in court in a movie scam that didn’t shoot-

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From Julio de Santis

The 55-year-old showgirl is opposed to the lawsuit against Giuseppe Milazzo, who was on trial for fraud against Marini’s mother, brought by the public prosecutor.

cast 16 thousand euros To produce a short film then remained a Molding. I believe she was deceived Valeria Marini
55, the plaintiff, who opposed the attorney general’s dismissal request against him Giuseppe Milazzo, 48 years old, a film producer from Catania, who would have earned the money without implementing the project. Where the actress was supposed to have the title role.

16 thousand euros Marini asked to return and refused. The story dates back to 2015 and the attorney general believes that the case has no criminal connection, but a civil one. For some time a legal dispute was opened between Milazzo and the Marini family. The movie producer In fact, On trial for fraud Because he would have persuaded the actress’s mother, Gianna Orrto invest 335 thousand euros With the promise of big profits. Which, however, was never achieved. It is enough to force the lady to ask for a refund, as well as receive a refusal.

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