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US inflation slowed, +6% in February in line with expectations – The Economy

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US inflation is slowing. Consumer prices in February rose 6.0% year over year, in line with analysts’ expectations. On a monthly basis, the increase was 0.4%, in line with expectations. Consumer prices rose 6.4% in January. inflation data It’s at its lowest since September 2021. Despite the slowdown, it’s still well above the Fed’s 2% target, which pressure remains high.

After the US data, and in the aftermath of Black Monday with the hype over the collapse of the Silicon Valley bank, Markets require more courage. Among European stock exchanges, profits rose by Frankfurt 1.2%, Paris by 1%, Milan by 1.15%, and Madrid by 1.5%. London remains the most cautious with +0.3%.

The lens remains on the next moves of central banks, which will have to somehow factor in tensions in the banking system. First, the European Central Bank which on Thursday will have to take into account the tensions in the banking system, and then the Federal Reserve.

The international scenario remains characterized by a high degree of uncertainty and downside risks. claim it Istat in a note on the direction of the Italian economy In February he confirms that “the path to recovery from inflation is starting to take longer than initially expected”. In the fourth quarter of 2022, Italian GDP registered a slight negative economic change as a synthesis of the positive contribution of net foreign demand and net domestic demand from inventories.

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