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Uruguay won against Canada

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Held today at the stadium Olympics Rome Fourth Edition Community Football SummitA digital marketing event open to industry professionals and not only analyzing the dynamics of relationships between fans, teams, players and sponsors, but also discovering innovations in the field.

Many actors of the world participated in it Social And no, including Lele AdhaniNow Roy is the commentator and one of the protagonists Bobo TV, Broadcast broadcast on that day traction. A group Dedicated to programThe former guardian spoke National Italian And yesterday’s game against Hungary, which ended 2-0, Giacomo Raspatori, the author of the goal that opened the game, had a background with his friend Vieri:

While Italy was leading the way with Raspatori’s network, I got a call from Bobo He happily told me that our national team has finally got its striker“.

22 years since NaplesI am in great shape. After being released with the Azzurri in the League and Champions League, Raspatori Mancini’s selection saw him score two goals in as many games. Final Four of the League of Nations.

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