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United States, a policeman stops an African American and then shoots and kills him while he is kneeling –

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from Fabio Postiglione

Episode in Michigan. The agent stopped the man to search the road, and after he stopped him, a collision began, then the policeman shot him in the back.

Less than twenty seconds. This is the duration of a video about the murder of an African American man Michigan, United States, April 4. The photos have only now been published by the police. The video shows the police officer shooting while kneeling on the man’s back. The victim was 26-year-old Patrick Loyola, who was stopped for a roadside check. This was reported by the American media.

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In the video, which also spread on Twitter, you can see the man already lying on the floor on his stomach. He struggles hard to try to escape the pressure of the policeman and possibly arrest. Above him is the customer who is trying to immobilize him: he climbs on his back first with his body and then with his knees.. When Patrick Loyola is almost completely still, he pulls out a gun and points it at the back of his head. The moment of filming is not visible.

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On February 3, a 22-year-old African-American Prince Lock was killed in a police raid in Minneapolis. Minneapolis Police Department released Pictures taken with the body camera show the break-in of the apartment downtown to search and in it we see the murder of the young man: Luke is still in bed, wrapped in a blanket, when he suddenly wakes up: three gunshots are heard in the video. Lawyers for the victim’s family say he was in legal possession of his firearm, which was taken into custody when the police arrived. Some family members reported waking up in his sleep and seeking an automatic defense weapon. Police said the search was related to a murder investigation, but the victim’s name did not appear in the note.

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