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Unbelievable, it’s the most expensive car in the world

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During these tough economic times, when most people struggle to make ends meet, it’s good to know that the wealthy can still afford luxury cars, like the more expensive ones.

Expensive car –

Ferrari 250 GTO sales record broken

In spite of The continuing effects of the epidemicsales Luxury car They never rose, and auction houses that beat these gems, Continue to set records.

In the Last few years, We’ve seen classic car sales records broken and now, we may be way ahead of New world recordfor lclassic cars Most expensive ever sold in history. According to my emigrant, Mercedes Benz He just sold one of Racing car Very exclusive, one silver arrow, For 135 million euros ($142 million).

Self this voice If confirmed, it will be destroyed Ferrari 250 GTO record, sold for 70 million dollars In Monterrey 2018. The legendary Ferrari 250 GTO It has been held for years The most expensive car record in history, followed by Ferrari 335S and Ferrari 290mm.

mercedes silver arrow
Mercedes Silver Arrow –

Mercedes Benz It was already in a sale arrangement 5 most expensive cars the world, with Racing car, W196, which was sold a few years ago for $31,837,000. But, apparently, the last record sale was made by Mercedes Benz who called some The most important collectors of antiques in the worldat an exclusive lunch at the Mercedes-Benz Museum, A Stuttgart.

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The most expensive car in history? 142 million dollars

Karl Ludwigsen, Industry expert, specialist in Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix W196: Amazing Silver Arrows1954-1955: “I haven’t heard of one Direct sale of this Mercedes. The reason for the high price is that these models do not do thatn never soldI,” he said.

Opening Mercedes Silver Arrow hatch
Mercedes Silver Arrow Open Hatch –

“If anyone W196S 300 SLR has become a special It will be a great event.” Cars Mercedes-Benz in question are those so-called silver arrow era from 1954 to 1955, only cars Grand Prix and 300 sport SLRs.

The cars in this range It has never been officially sold before Mercedes Benz. found some private ownerslike the W154 that ran in Indy after the war and stayed in United State”, has been explained. to 142 million dollars This buyer could have purchased nearly 1,300 cars Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

It is said that your silver arrow It was purchased by a well-known industrialistBritish car industryBut for now the whole thing remains a secret.

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