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Ultra wireless is coming, faster thanks to light

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How it works

The technological revolution is equal to that which occurred in cable connections with the arrival of optical fibers. The super wireless network, thanks to a large 5mm silicon chip, will be hundreds of times faster and more efficient.
Microcircuit, described in the journal Light: science and applications. It is able to receive light rays separately which are then arranged and processed by several microscopic optical antennas. Thus, eliminating interference between light rays allows the chip to process an amount of information a hundred times greater than current high-capacity wireless systems.


– The field in which the research can be exploited is vast, emphasized Andrea Meloni, Director of Polifab, Center for Micro and Nanotechnology at the Polytechnic of Milan. Uses include GPS and positioning systems for autonomous vehicles, sensors, remote object recognition, and wearable and mobile devices for augmented reality. Ultra wireless will also be important in the biomedical field, with the introduction of new research technologies for biomedical applications.

Italian driving

– The collaboration that led to this result confirmed that Italy is in a leadership position in optical technologies for communications, sensors and biomedicine, according to Marc Sorrell, professor of electronics at the TeCIP (Communication, Computer Engineering and Photonics) Institute at Saint’Anna School of Advanced Studies.

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