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Nathan Sen makes progress in the short film without making any mistakes. According to Brown – OA Sport

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Nathan Chen is currently responding. After Skate finished a sensational third place in the United States, the American imposed himself without prejudiceI am in the men’s personal short film of Skate Canada, ISU Grand Prix 2021-2022 Second in the Figure Skating Circuit Is going on in Vancouver, Especially at the Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Center.

The current world champion is packed Again a performance in its quality, Started with quadruplo lutz And then continue In the triple axle and bonus zone, with a quadruple quarter loop / triple to loop combination, The element preceding the sequence of steps, like the expected three spins, is called level 4 Estimated by +4 and +5 poll. Thanks to the positive performance, therefore, the student of Raphael Arutunian returned to score above 105 points, Earnings 106.72 (60.29, 44.63).

The national team player also performed well Jason Brown, Currently second with one at 94.00 (47.39, 46.61) Performance of immense importance Of which, on the triple axis (called the fourth) is the net of a small rotation problem, while not four times Filled with GOE in the remaining six components, Getting the best ideas about the components of the program, albeit to a certain extent. However, for free, the skater who follows Tracy Wilson can Prevent landlord Keegan messing, Placed short of third place with 93.28 (49.59, 43.69), where he landed a four-legged loop along with Triple Doe Loop, Triple Axel and Triple Loots.

And I’m competing for a position on stage Due to Russie Makar Ignatov, Currently fourth 89.79 (52.00, 37.79), version Evgeny Semenenko, Fifth with 87.71 (48.63, 39.08). Many bugs instead, which are unfortunately currently a standard Of Alexander SamarinEighth place with 78.55 (39.66, 38.89). The continental bronze medal is also bad Mauritius Quitolashvili, Even twelfth with 71.60 (33.99, 37.61).

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Personal short program ranking for men

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