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Ukraine latest news. Visco, unexpected recession, limited war. Mariupol MP, “More than 10 thousand people are in mass graves”

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Director of the Russian Research Center and Adviser to Putin Suslov: “We are at war against NATO”

“The Russian army is not fighting against Ukraine, but against NATO, which not only supplies weapons and ammunition, but provides valuable intelligence,” he added. To say this in an interview with Corriere della Sera He is Dmitriy Suslov, director of the Center for European and International Studies in Moscow, one of the closest think tanks to the Kremlin. “It is NATO that is shooting at the Russian forces, with its weapons operated by the Ukrainians,” says the adviser, adding: “Everyone in Russia is convinced that we are at war with the West.”

Soslov reveals that “the Kremlin has two schools of thought and the president has not yet chosen him.” The first calls it “extremist” and plans “to inflict a heavy defeat on Ukraine in the Donbass and then occupy the remaining southern part of the country.” The second “I belong to” – reveals the director – believes that this path “requires more resources.” “After the victory in Donbass, we must conclude a peace agreement with Ukraine,” on the terms of the original Russian offer, which included, among other things, Kyiv’s “neutrality” and “disarmament.”

Soslov stresses that the United States should “say publicly that Kyiv will never be part of NATO.” However, there are Sweden and Finland that aim to enter. The Kremlin adviser reassured, “If they enter, we will respond by targeting them with nuclear weapons as well.” Even if he says “No one wants World War III”. Regarding Moscow’s strategy, “there is no doubt that regime change was in the original plans for the invasion,” but “the Ukrainian army put up an impressive resistance, with great help from the West,” Suslov notes.

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