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Ukraine and the Pentagon: “Low probability of Kyiv’s military victory”

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“there The possibility of a Ukrainian military victoryincluding the expulsion of Russians from all parts of Ukraine, including Crimea, and the possibility of this Early is not militarily highThis was stated by the US Chief of Staff, General Mark Milley, at a Pentagon conference, adding that he would instead Possible political solutionThanks to the withdrawal of the Russians.

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According to President Biden’s chief military adviser, Russia will continue to have significant fighting power inside Ukraine despite the military setbacks. So far, he said, “Russia has lost strategically, practically and tactically,” adding that Russia has failed “every goal” in its war against Ukraine.

The Russians have failed every time. They lost strategically, they lost operationally and, I repeat, they lost tactically. “What they tried to do, they failed,” Milley said. “The strategic recasting of their objectives, their illegal conquest, they all failed, every single one of them.”

Milley emphasized Russia’s failure to “conquer all of Ukraine” at the beginning of the war as well as after their repositioning in the Donbass region and the capture of Zaporizhia and Kherson. “Across the entire front line of about 900 km, the Ukrainians had one success after another and the Russians failed each time,” Milley said.

Milley warns China too. Any Chinese attack on Taiwan would be as grave a strategic mistake as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. “I think it would not be wise — he made it clear to the Pentagon — that it would be a political mistake, a geopolitical mistake, a strategic mistake, similar to the strategic mistake Putin made in Ukraine,” Milley specified, stressing that no attack on Taiwan was imminent.

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The chief of staff said he believes Chinese President Xi Jinping, who has just won a historic third term as the country’s supreme leader and declared his adherence to Taiwan with China as a top priority, is “a rational actor. I think he’s assessing things on the basis of costs, benefits and risks and I think he’ll conclude that an attack on Taiwan in the near future will be very risky and end up in a strategic disaster for the Chinese army.”

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