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Ukraine and Russia, Zelensky: “Putin announces bombs, insufficient sanctions.” Today’s Negotiations

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Ukraine and Russia war, there are predictions today for The third round of negotiations. The latest news refers to attacks on civilians and victims also among children and youngsters Evacuations stopped in Mariupol and other cities Under the bombs of the Russians and the siege tightens around Kyiv.

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Vadim Denisenko, an advisor to Ukraine’s Interior Minister, said that Russia, according to Kyiv Independent newspaper reports, “has amassed enough forces near Kyiv. They will try to capture the capital in the next few days.”

Zelensky for Western leaders – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed Western leaders yesterday on several occasions. “Russia announced that Tomorrow (today, editor) He will bomb defense-related companies. Most of them in our cities are surrounded by civilians. It’s murder, just murder. And the I haven’t seen any of the world leaders interact “Today there are no Western politicians,” Zelensky said.

“Think of the impunity of the occupiers, that they announce their atrocities with a warning! All because there is no reaction. Not a single word. I hope you see it tomorrow and react. The audacity of the aggressor. It is. A clear signal to the West that the sanctions imposed are not enough. No You can hide from this reality You cannot hide from the new killings in Ukraine.

Yesterday, spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, Igor Konashenkov, said that “in the context of Ukraine’s disarmament, the Russian Armed Forces will strike the Ukrainian defense industry enterprises with precision weapons.”

The The Ukrainian president, who had a round of phone conversations, including with Prime Minister Mario DraghiHe also addressed Western leaders yesterday, urging them to shoulder their responsibilities. “Your humanitarian responsibility is to protect us and the population and you are able to do that,” he said in a video. If you don’t give us enough planes so that we can protect ourselves, there is only one conclusion: You want them to kill us slowly. From now on, it is also the responsibility of Western leaders and the world at large,” Zelensky said.

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Moscow: “Who sets the rules for how to go to war” Poland has denied reports that the country plans to supply fighters to Ukraine by acquiring military aircraft from the United States. The government said on Twitter: “Poland will not send its planes to Ukraine and will not allow it to use its airports – we are greatly assisting in many other areas.”

“The use of the network of air bases of these countries as a base for Ukrainian military aircraft and their subsequent use against the Russian armed forces. It can be considered the involvement of these countries in an armed conflictRussian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said in comments reported by Interfax.

It was Anthony Blinken To confirm the news, which was predicted yesterday by the American media, about a plan to bring old MiG-29 aircraft from Poland to Ukraine, which will receive new fighters from the United States. “We are seriously studying the issue of aircraft that Poland could send to Ukraine,” Blinken said. “We are also evaluating how we can replace the planes that Poland should send,” the foreign minister added during his visit to Moldova, noting that he could “not talk about specific times but we say we are evaluating that very actively.”

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