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UFO and high radiation levels at the border between Serbia and Croatia –

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A mysterious object and high radiation levels. It’s Saturday – the Croatian media explained – at the border crossing between Serbia and Croatia, nIn the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe city of Sombor, a dangerous level of radiation was detected in a passenger car. It is an Audi with a foreign license plate, inside which there is a UFO. streetAccording to the media, the presence of radioactive materials was “reported” by sensors installed at the border crossing. The driver and two passengers, all Croatians, were arrested and checked at the Bazdan border crossing

Immediately the Vinca Institute of Nuclear Sciences service team arrives, who confirm the presence of radioactive elements inside the vehicle. According to the media, the radiation level in the border area is skyrocketing. Unofficially, on Saturday customs and duty police officers are required to remove their work uniforms and respond to health checks.

A FINCA spokesperson confirmed the news to website “Personnel from the Serbian Ministry of Interior stopped the car at the Bezdan border crossing and recorded high radioactivity, i.e. the presence of an object near it with a high dose of radiation measured. On March 5, 2023, an inspector of the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Directorate ordered By seizing, transporting and safely storing the radioactive object, which is what the FINCA Institute experts have done, ”he explained to

But details or other confirmations are yet to come in at the moment.

(The article is being updated…)

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