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Ubu LICIA LANERA AWARD AT SPAZIO FRANCO WITH “HEART OF A DOG”: Chapter 1 of the “Look how it snows” trilogy

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After a private and participatory review of the focus pride sceneCreated in collaboration with Palermo Pride, which saw its debut, with an excellent response from the audience, on stage Free space for the cultural squares in Zize, 3 original shows that rejected LGBT topics on the scene, will reach the heart of a show our sceneThe exhibition dedicated to the best excellence in the contemporary national scene.

At the opening of the program, November 6 (9:00 pm) and November 7 (7:00 pm), Lycia Lanera, award-winning actress, winner (among others) of the award Eleonora Doss (2014), the prize Virginia Reiter (2015) and UBU . Award As Best Italian Actress Under 35 (2016), Lucky Actress presents It looks like snow. 1 dog heart, The first chapter of a trilogy dedicated to Russian authors (Chapter Two “)Il Gabbiano “by Chekhov And the third chapterPig feelings “by Mayakovsky) And that in this work he rewrote the scene Mikhail Bulgakov, which allowed her to assert herself as one of the most complete artists of Italian theater, able to handle very intense interpretations, and to give performances of remarkable dramatic skills that indicate a clever rewriting of theater and never a vulgar trend.

Lycia Laneraalready another”top actresses Fired by the late Luca Ronconi, he goes on to experience the depths of his vocal cords, becoming first a dog, then a man, then a woman: A short story for the elderly actress, which was raged by a snow storm. The show is accompanied by a live musical structure by the composer توماس: With dog heart Licia Lanera and Tommaso Danisi are finalists at the 2019 UBU Awards respectively as Best Italian Actress and Best Original Music.

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dog heart It is an ongoing relationship between indignation and excess, magic and surrealism.

It opens a glimpse into a sick and defeated society much like ours today; It narrates the vices and hardening of society, it is a political text that analyzes the system, exposes its flaws, and ridicules its customs.

The musical structure of electronic music composer Tommaso Xerte d’Anisei recreates a number of sounds and sounds that throw the scenes into the Moscow atmosphere and accompanies it with a fiery force in Bulgakov’s writings, which Lanera herself composed. Stormy sound effects, metallic plates falling, pencils writing on diary pages, drills and saws cracking skulls, and the sounds of high-heeled running shoes capture it. The voices have been attributed to Licia Lanera who continues her hard way and is always aiming for new experiences, making her one of the best actresses of her generation.


Saturday 6 November 2021 – 9.15 pm

Sunday 7 November 2021 – 19.00


Spazio Franco – Cultural Squares of Ziza in Palermo

via Paolo Gili, 4

You look like snow 1. A dog’s heart

from Mikhail Bulgakov

Adaptation and direction Lycia Lanera

sound design توماس

With Lecia Lanera and my village

Lights Vincent Lungomare

special costumes Sarah Cantarone

mask Sarah Feketty

co-director Annalisa Callis

stage technicians Christian Allegheny and Francesco Corsi

Produce Lykia Lanera company

co-production TPE – Theater Europe Piedmont

with support From MiBAC, Apulia Region, Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Industry, management and promotion of cultural heritage

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