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Ubisoft wanted to take it over, but other companies laughed in his face, says Jeff Grubb –

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According to journalist Jeff Grubb, Ubisoft You will conduct a round of presentations for different companies acquiredit ends laugh at your face. Grubb didn’t specify who those companies would be, but it’s not hard to imagine, since there are very few companies connected to the video game world large enough to be able to pull off such a deal (in any case, outside companies that might be interested in entering the video game industry ).

Group’s negligence came after the bad news today about the dismal financial results of the French publisher for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2023, which led to the cancellation of three matches and another postponement for the French publisher.

In February 2022 CEO Yves Guillemot I mentioned that Ubisoft would be evaluating bids for a potential acquisition, but they all seem smashed. After today’s data, the chances of something happening are less.

Grubb: “Ubisoft has already done a round of proposed acquisitions and mergers with other companies of its size and in most cases they’ve laughed in its face. It’s too cumbersome. Its strength was the distributed development structure, but now it’s an albatross.”

Grubb sees a bleak future for Ubisoft, which comes from a very long streak of failures, between games with little success and unsuccessful initiatives like launching a platform for NFTs. According to him, there is also a possibility that he will undergo a downsizing.

One reason other companies may be reluctant to pursue a potential acquisition is the size of Ubisoft, which owns more than forty studios and subsidiaries around the world.

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