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Tuscan among the arrested

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Tomorrow night, the finish line will be crossed for the full fortnight by the cynical elimination against Lecco and by that surreal final, with an entire stadium (with a few exceptions on the lower steps) observing petrification and not saying a word. The verdict is as unexpected as it is painful.

No one at that moment had the courage to speak up. The problem is that from the next day he doesn’t even have the courage to talk about the drug and this is the darker side of the story, with many great gray clouds starting to gather over Manuzzi’s sky just as the intense frictions began. Between the Aiello family and Robert Lewis. The deafening silence of the property has reached 800 kilometers south of Cesena, in the heart of Calabria, where Domenico Toscano returned more than a week ago to spend his holidays with his family. As it is now known, the Calabrian coach is still an employee of Cavalluccio, linked to Cesena until June 30, 2024. Just one year ago, on June 18, 2022, Toscano was officially appointed by co-chairs Aiello and Luis, who overturned the traditional first-choice “protocol”. Coach and then sporting director (Stefanelli was introduced 9 days earlier, but Toscano was chosen already in May). This way of working between the lines illustrated the importance and centrality given to the winning coach (three career promotions in the second division), which in the minds of Aiello and Luis should have played a key role on the way to the second division. The end result fizzled out twice. , due to a series of details that we now know by heart, but within a promotion that lost first in April and then in June, Toscano’s work still stands, a work that over the course of the season has developed many records as well as many corporate records, he launched a gem like Stephen Schpendi and united a completely new group whose unity cannot be argued.

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In short, it is true that Toscano failed in the sprint (this is the goal for which he was appointed), but to move one step away from the dream, he laid solid and solid foundations, and now the greatest danger is precisely in shattering even the certainty that the 2022-2023 championship inherited. This is because the Calabrian coach, despite his willingness to start over (it was the same one who set the date for the meeting on July 12), ended up in the goal first of Brescia and then (above all) of Vicenza. On Monday, the coach repeated that he was waiting for Cesena, because today’s contractual obligation does not allow him to do anything else. But then he added that he was waiting for news of the next season. Here, the point is this: With over 20 players under contract, including all of their cover men, the person who trained and brought them together for about ten months deserves to at least receive a phone call and be briefed on budgets, programs, and company intentions, whatever they may be.

To tell the truth, Toscano deserved such an ambitious season without having the son of one of the principals in the team, so as not to be affected by anything, but this was not possible. If you don’t want to cancel the rule built in the last tournament, it’s time to pick up the phone and start a call to Calabria. Otherwise, there is a great risk of having to start all over again for the umpteenth time, even on the field.

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