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Turtle man can conquer you, but don’t worry he is friendly and gives runes –

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If you play a Elden ring You have been invaded by a tortoise manNot to worry – he’s more than friendly and just out for a walk. He’ll even give you runes at the end!

Let’s talk about JTAW, Elden Ring player Who decided to deal with PvP and invasions in an original way. Instead of fighting and annoying others, he sometimes gets into other people’s games and just goes for a walk. He wears a rather funny outfit and carries a tortoise shell armor on his back, so he looks like a quietly walking tortoise. His character also calls himself “JustTakingAWalk”, which means “I just take a walk”.

Despite his name and disarmingness, JTAW makes it clear that he is often attacked by invaded players, who play by the normal rules. However, not every attack is within sight. “Sometimes,” he said, “if I meet a friendly guest, they will kill a hunter who attacks me so that I can finish my walk in peace.”

there The longest walk Made (so far) is the one located in Hallowed Snowfields, at the northern end of the map. “When I first started doing it about three weeks ago, my guest and two hunters and I walked the whole sacred snowfield to Ordina, the liturgical city,” he says. “If I remember correctly, it was 16 minutes of slow walking.”

“My goal is always to reach the mist, and if I complete it with the guest who is waiting for me, I make sure to crouch down and drop some runes JTAW says, “I have, and to go out.” Most of the time I do this kind of walk after playing normally. If I need a quick laugh, I change my character and start invading to take a nice walk and make some guys laugh.”

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Elden’s ring is sure to fill colored playersbut this story shows how FromSoftware’s online game can be used in more ways than you might think.

Finally, we refer to the new patch 1.08.1 of Elden Ring.

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