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Try following these steps to solve it

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Sometimes you can have problems with the Bluetooth in your car. Here’s how to fix it in just a few steps

Do you have bluetooth in your car It is very convenient, even if it is not always a ready-to-use function. Accessories (such as headphones and watches) connected to our devices show this smart phonewhich sometimes inexplicably disconnects from the device due to poor connectivity or stability.

Car bluetooth not working (Unsplash)

These problems can appear specifically in our cars equipped with one of the two infotainment platforms (Android Auto or Apple Carplay) and it is not uncommon to encounter situations where car bluetooth not working.

What do you do in these cases? the answer It’s not unique, because the reasons behind the problem can be different, temporary, or even more profound due to bugs in the operating system. In this second circumstance, the only thing to do is wait for a crucial update to be released from the manufacturer.

a Internet search For example, it can remove any doubts about whether it is an isolated problem, i.e. related to a single unit, or strictly related to system errors.

In any case, there are some treatments that can be crucial at times. It’s simple and maybe even obvious, but it’s always good to sum it up for those who probably chew little or nothing on technology-related issues.

if it was car bluetooth not workingThe first thing to do, of course, is Turn Bluetooth off and on again On both devices and try to pair them again, check the smartphone settings that the latter is connected to the car.

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If this first step does not have the desired effects, there is always a suggestion Turn off devices and turn them back onso that they can automatically reconnect with each other.

Car Bluetooth Problems: How to Try to Fix

car bluetooth not working
Automatic (Unsplash)

Generally, re-pairing the devices is enough to solve the problem, but there are cases when this procedure is unsuccessful. So what do you do?

The first step is Delete the phone associated with the car Follow the vehicle manual (steps may vary, in fact, depending on the product purchased and we have no way to summarize them schematically in this article) and do the reverse on the smartphone, disconnecting the infotainment system from the device’s Bluetooth settings.

Once this is done, it is necessary Repair Both devices again and check that everything is working normally.

There are still problems? As we mentioned at the beginning, check the network for possible software errors on your smartphone and wait for a fix from the manufacturer.

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