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Trudeau is hiding in a secret place

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Maxi fight of truckers in Canada against the law to vaccinate the genus. 50,000 of them besieged the capital, Ottawa, where the warning is high: Prime Minister Trudeau was forced to flee with his family to a secret location.

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Struggle in Canada against the introduction of MaxiVaccination duty And this Disabling Is in practice in the country. Up to 50,000 truck drivers, according to a British newspaper estimate Daily Mail, Besiege the capital, Ottawa, Forcing the first one even for the last few hours, Justin Trudeau, One of his children, who was already on duty at a distance, had gone into hiding in Kovit after it was confirmed that he was infected Secret location.

Movement Demonstration “Independent convoy‚ÄúLasting and conditioning throughout the weekend Warning It is tall. A parliamentary security official explained that MEPs were advised to lock themselves inside the house as their homes could be a target. The public was asked to refrain from going to the rally area. A few days ago, the same prime minister defined truck drivers heading to the capital as “small minorities” before hundreds of convoy left for Ottawa.

The goal of truck drivers is to question that Law Effective January 15 last year, all transporters entering Canada must be under this Vaccinated. The United States has imposed similar conditions on truck drivers entering the country. However, the Canadian Transport Association noted that most drivers have been vaccinated and that the vast majority of protesters in Ottawa today are actually represented. Ordinary citizens On the streets against vaccinations and locking.

The organizers reiterate that they want to Repeal of any anti-Govt restrictions And the duty to vaccinate until Trudeau resigns. The struggle has caused great controversy in neighboring the United States as well. We want brave Canadian truck drivers to know that we are with them, “he said Donald Trump During a rally in Conroe, Texas -. They do more than their leaders to defend American independence. Elon Musk, The founder of Tesla and SpaceX tweeted, “Dominance of Canadian truckers.”

Keep in mind that 82% of Canadians aged five or over have been vaccinated against Govt-19 to date. In adults, this figure is as high as 90 percent.

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