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God of War will not be available on Nvidia GeForce Now starting July for new users –

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God of WarFor the original PC version, It will no longer be available on Nvidia GeForce now starting fromJuly 1, 2022based on a change in agreements between, or Sony PlayStation, and Nvidia, however, users who purchase and start before July on the platform will be able to continue using it in streaming.

This is what was reported by IGN in these hours, which contacted Nvidia directly to clarify the matter, and received the following messages: Starting July 1, releases Steam and Epic Games Store God of War cannot be played on Nvidia’s cloud gaming service.

According to an Nvidia spokesperson, “The publisher, who previously decided to participate in the initiative, has I decided to give it up“.

It seems clear that Sony has no intention of keeping God of War a competing streaming service, considering that it has launched the new PlayStation Plus version that also includes cloud games, which can be used on PC.

To avoid some kind of Competition Sony has apparently decided to remove God of War from its GeForce Now streaming service, but there are exceptions. Anyone who purchased God of War and started playing it on GeForce Now before July 1, 2022, will be able to continue using it through the same platform.

There are differences between the streaming versions, given that the version available on GeForce Now is actually the PC version of God of War, with all the extra options it has in terms of resolution and graphic quality, as well as mouse and keyboard support. By the way, the PC version recently got the 1.0.12 patch which introduces AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0.

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