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Trissino continues his run, setting the frame for the Italian Cup – OA Sport

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Trisino wins again and moves to +8 from the rest of the group. The positive streak of the Italian champions continues, even today they are able to sign for It happened by beating Sandrigo away from home On the occasion of the eleventh day of the 2022-2023 League A1 Hockey Championship.

a The gun game was still raging, able to close the scores at 4-7 thanks to an excellent second half, where the decisive moment was a great push and pull by Malagoli, prelude to the escape. In a big match of the highest ranking among On the other hand, Grosseto and Bassano are Tuscans Which, at home, achieved a guaranteed victory with a direct shot from Saavedra and tied his rivals with it for second place in the standings.

Then Forte dei Marmi won the super derby match against Viareggio with a score of 4-1 led by Supermark Mobile. Finally, it should be noted Vercelli won 3-1 against ValdagnoIt is a factor that officially determined the teams participating in the Italian Cup. In fact, the quarter-finals will be played Trissino, Grosseto, Bassano, Forte, Sarzana, Lodi, Follonica, Vercelli.

Arena hockey rink, Serie A1 2022: Tresino on the run, Bassano down

The A1 Hockey League returns on Saturday, December 17, 2022


10/12/22 at 20:45 Ex HC Montecchio. Thiers Chemistry Montebello H. 4-2
10/12/22 at 20:45 Telea Medical Sandrigo H. JS Hockey Tresino 4-7
10/12/22 at 20:45 Galileo Follonica H.1952 Wasken Lodi amateurs 5-5
10/12/22 at 20:45 Edelfox CP Grosseto 1951 Abroker H. Bassano 1954 5-4
10/12/22 at 20:45 Sarzana innovation range Team Service Car HRC Monza 3-3
10/12/22 at 20:45 Ingas H Vercelli Why sport HC Valdagno 3-1
10/12/22 at 21:00 GTC Viareggio GDS Ambiente Versilia Forte 1-4
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Series A1: Updated arrangement

# Team points Games played goal difference Last 3 races
1 JS Hockey Tresino 30 11 40 VVV
2 Edelfox CP Grosseto 1951 22 11 12 vsv extension
3 Abroker H. Bassano 1954 22 11 4 SVS
4 GDS Ambiente Versilia Forte 21 11 10 vsv extension
5 Sarzana innovation range 20 11 9 VVP
6 Wasken Lodi amateurs 20 11 10 VVP
7 Galileo Follonica H.1952 18 11 4 SSP extension
8 impure h. Vercelli 17 11 0 SSV
9 Why sport HC Valdagno 11 11 -6 PS extension
10 Team Service Car HRC Monza 11 11 -4 VVP
11 GTC Viareggio 9 11 -13 against
12 Telea Medical Sandrigo H. 9 11 -15th SVS
13 Ex HC Montecchio. 5 11 -28 SSV
14 Thiers Chemistry Montebello H. 4 11 -24 SS

Photo: Guri Kyari (USSR)

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