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Trentino has a place like it is in Canada

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Italy is a beautiful country, a keeper of architectural, artistic, historical and natural wonders, It never ceases to amaze. Even if we believe that we have seen it all and know the peninsula in all its aspects, it enchants us again with new and unprecedented sights.

Some of these, perhaps the most beautiful, Signature of Mother Nature And they manifest themselves before the eyes of the beholder as dream visions so incredible that they do not seem real.

And this is a case A fascinating place It looks like a paradise that takes travelers to places kilometers away, to unknown and boundless territories that have always been on our travel wishlist, instead of being located in Italy. Welcome Little Canada of TrentinoWelcome to Val di Fumo.

An Italian natural paradise to be discovered

Val di Fumo, it is the name of one The most attractive and fascinating places in the beautiful country. A wild and unspoiled territory that looks like a dream and a postcard, it seems like it could become the setting for a fairy tale.

Nevertheless, despite its almost surreal beauty, this place is real and fascinating. To find it we have to go to Trentino and more precisely to the Adamello Brenta Natural Park. Immersing you in a unique and diverse scene that mesmerizes the eye and dazzles the senses, there it goes, a jewel to be discovered in the valley.

Before reaching your destination, you have to travel Val di Daone And the cross rocks, meadows, flowers and waterfalls follow kilometer by kilometer, they do nothing. Expect great beauty We are going to find out with our eyes.

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Going up, Val di Don turns into Val di Fumo, which can only be appreciated. A place of beauties and mysteries One can trace that primordial and atavistic connection with nature and all beings that inhabit it.

Little Canada of Trentino

The valley of glacial origin is considered a true natural paradise and is visited every year by all those who love outdoor activities.

As soon as you come here, you will get the feeling of entering a new and unusual world with no connection City chaos and hectic life every day. The atmosphere seems suspended, here nature decides the laws, it sets the pace. It does this by moving the leaves with the wind, and with the sound of the water. With the smell of earth and plants This mountain protects everything around the jewel.

The unusual path, accessible to anyone, passes through a series of artificial lakes, waterfalls and waterfalls, then again through endless huts and meadows. Along the way, you will meet grazing cows and horses living in complete freedom.

scenery, framed by white clouds Touching the mountain peaks and giving its name to the valley is so suggestive that it was renamed. Little Canada of Trentino Because this postcard panorama accurately represents the unspoilt nature of the North American country.

All of these walks will take you to Carre Alto, a lonely and majestic peak that marks the border between Val di Fumo and Val Rentena. In about two hours of walking, you can reach the refuge of Val di Fumo, located at an altitude of 2000 meters. Stop and take in the panorama around you: the view from here is spectacular.

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