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Trailer Shows Tribes of the Forbidden West –

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Sony and Guerrilla Games released a file new trailer From Forbidden horizon west customized for different tribe who live in the Forbidden West, which Aloy will learn about during her new adventure.

The world population imagined by guerrilla games is divided into tribes, each with its own history and traditions. In the video, which you can watch in the player above, we discover more details about the tribal cultures that inhabit the Forbidden West, the region that Aloy will explore in her new adventure.

The video presents the ancient acquaintances, the Osram, whose members are famous for being great builders, inventors and drinkers, and the Karga who guard the frontier with the Forbidden West. On the other hand, the Otaru lives in Kantoboro, a peaceful tribe that, in spite of itself, has to deal with a red plague that spreads in the fields and destroys all life.

In the far west we find the Tenakth, a people made up of three different clans who dominate many lands. In the past they fought each other, but now they have agreed to a truce to face a new threat: Regalla and her rebels, able to take control of the Machines. The film concludes with a hint of a more dangerous outside tribe and the search for secrets in the lands of the Forbidden West.

Horizon Forbidden West will be available exclusively for PS5 and PS4 starting from February 18 2022. If this video wasn’t enough for you, here’s our very dangerous Aspidente Championship gameplay trailer.

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