Home entertainment Trailer for the film with Ludovica Martino and Marco Leonardi

Trailer for the film with Ludovica Martino and Marco Leonardi

Trailer for the film with Ludovica Martino and Marco Leonardi

Directed by Cristiano Bortone and Daniela Porto, the film will hit theaters on April 25 with Adler Entertainment. Here's the trailer and plot for My Place Is Here.

It arrives in Italian cinemas From April 25thdistributed by Adler Entertainmenta movie titled My place is here, Which you will find below Official announcement.
Inspired by the novel of the same name by the writer Daniela Porto Published before Sperling and Kupferand directed by the same author with Cristiano BortoneIMy place is here It is a film that tells, honestly, courageously, and in a very realistic manner, a story of friendship and liberation set in rural Calabria in the 1940s, against the backdrop of social changes in post-war Italy.
In the movie Ludovica Martino -The young actress seen in Scam Italy, Under the Riccione sun, pretty boy, the sample And Life is like Carlo She plays Marta, a single mother, who promises to marry a man she doesn't love because of her uncomfortable condition. Marta meets Lorenzo, the assistant parish priest, who is known as the wedding man but shunned by everyone because of his homosexuality, and plays himself instead. Marco Leonardithe actor that Toto was in New cinema paradiseand more recently he has become the star of highly acclaimed films such as Black souls By Francesco Munzi, Maradona By Marco Risi, All the money in the world By Ridley Scott, Martin Eden Written by Pietro Marcello E Father Pio By Abel Ferrara.
A strong relationship was born between Marta and Lorenzo. Thanks to Lorenzo, Marta comes into contact with this hidden and shocking community of homosexuals, and slowly begins to realize her rights as a woman. But in this remote corner of the world, she will have to defend herself in every way against the prejudices and patriarchal culture that surround her.
Below is the official trailer and poster for My Place Is Here:

My Place Is Here will premiere at Bif&st 2024.
The film was produced by Orisa Produzioni in co-production with Goldkind Filmproduktion (Germany), with support from the Calabria Film Commission, the Apulia Film Commission and the Lazio Region, Fondo Lazio Cinema International, POR-FESR 2014-2020. Filming took place between Geras (RC), a historic village in Lochride, and Puglia, with evocative locations that tell of a forgotten Italy.


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