April 23, 2024

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Tomorrow at Spazio Core the concert “Thirty Years of Trillo”.

Tomorrow at Spazio Core the concert “Thirty Years of Trillo”.

In its fifteen-year history, the review of Regie Sinfonie, organized by the musicians of Santa Pelagia, has not only dealt with the Baroque repertoire, but also from time to time presented its audience with various genres.
This is what will happen on the occasion of the concert “Thirty Years of Trillo” scheduled for tomorrow (Saturday) at 9 pm in the Spazio Cor Piazza San Giuseppe in Asti, where the Trillo Acoustic will be honored. and a quartet of instruments (guitar, clarinet and double bass) that for thirty years have been devoted to the musical theater of Piedmont and the contemporary song of the region.

Organizers comment

“The Trelilu show – as the organizers say – offers a wonderful and funny performance between gags and jokes in an Italian language Macaron full of Piedmont jargon. However, it would be a mistake to reduce its contents to a comedy intended to elicit laughter from the audience. Through the songs and short monologues of the four protagonists, it appears Stories of simple people rich in values, evoking a sunken era. From the empty outside of the world that surrounds us. Thus, the rendezvous is aimed not only at those who nostalgically remember the past of Piedmont, but also at those – and there are most of them – who want to look to the future without forgetting their identity.”
Admission to the ceremony: 10 euros.

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