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Justice League star Will Smith’s attack: ‘Inadequate punishment, Oscar replay’

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Story of the will Smith It seemed to end with the Academy’s decision to ban him from all of its events for 10 years after the slap in the face to Chris Rock. But for some, the punishment must also pass by pulling the bust. Now, one of the stars of the Justice League has written us a tough op-ed for Variety.

Notorious anymore slap to chris rock Awarded the Academy Award for Best Actor for King Richardthe consequences became dire for Will Smith. Several projects have been banned including Bad Boys 4, with so much production that it practically prevented him from filming, at least temporarily (hopefully) and until the situation deflates. It looks like he’s arrived at an arena with the academy’s final punishment, which has decreed somewhat daspo from award ceremonies for the next 10 years.

But if many prefer not to express themselves on this question – it is typical there Mel Gibson’s reaction to Will Smith Many others have made their voices heard, now to partly justify their mistakes, and now to increase the dose. In this case it was the turn of Harry Linksknown for playing Commander Lock in the epic matrix And recently Martian Manhunter in Justice Squad. The actor wrote for a long time Tricky opening for variety where he argues that Smith should give up the Oscars on his own out of respect for the ceremony.

This is an excerpt:At this point, the only person who can recover the integrity of the Oscars is Smith himself. He had to contend with the seriousness of his crime: the rocker slapped on March 27 on the stage of the Academy Awards while millions of spectators were connected live. Smith should mail his golden shield to the Academy and publicly state something like: “In respect to the 94 years of honor bestowed upon this award, in good conscience I do not feel I deserve to be its keeper.” The spot in the Academy of Motion Pictures cannot be resolved easily. The only hope for a justified blessing is to have Smith voluntarily return the Best Actor award“.

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