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“Today I want to win and convince.” Science plays a professional charge against Legnago

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“We have to win and convince.” That’s what Pro Vercelli coach Beppe Scienza said, playing the match against Pro Vercelli today against Legnago al Piola at 2.30pm. The Whites want to beat all the stakes, but above all get back to racing at Biola where they have had only one success in the last four races.

Looking at the arrangement with the fifth Lions and the last guest class of the class, some might think that today’s game for the Whites could be a picnic. It would be a huge mistake, because the opponents, despite the black jersey of the group, more than three days ago gave the leader Sudtirol a difficult time to recover on the fifth day, suspended due to bad weather. “I saw that match: they did really well. They know how to be dangerous in every department. They have important players and interesting young people. However, they also have loopholes. If we play at a high pace we will be able to collect something important, and if we go slowly it hurts us.”

Scienza expects fresh performance from its boys, full of grit and character, as it did against Albinoleffe. The professional Piacenza no longer wanted to see her: “We must have the strength to repeat the performance he gave against Albinolevi. Matches shouldn’t happen like the one we face against Piacenza, where we were “soft as figs”. We must show that we find continuity: we need facts, not words. We must perform, we must have attention and focus. We have prepared well this week, the approach will be the right one: I guarantee it.”

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Beppe Scienza does not trust Legnago: “Everyone who faces Pro Vercelli is always afraid, but against us all in the race of life. I would like to thank our fans who supported us in these difficult moments. We must be optimistic: this team, despite everything that has happened to us In recent weeks, he has remained linked to the leading group. In the team there are extraordinary men: you have to be confident. If we settle down a little we will start to raise a lot of points.”

However, Pro Vercelli cannot smile yet: it still has to deal with absences. Of the descent of Rolando, Bellardinelli and Parodi. Izzy is ineligible. Science can also pick the 3-4-3 presented today against Albinoleffe: “We tried both units. I’ve made some job changes based on the players I have: it’s my job. I have to evaluate the best conditions.” –

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