September 21, 2023

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TMW RADIO – Pres. Viterbese: “Football C risks not managing itself anymore. Here are some numbers”

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Marco Arthur Romano, Chief Viterbese, speak directly to Scanner, transition Radio TMW Created by lawyer Giulio Dini with Niccolo Ceccarini to talk about the structural situation of the third series: “The difficulties are many: first of all, compared to the costs of management and players, the revenue is very little. We live on little contributions from the league, this year 230 thousand euros, then 120-130 Another thousand euros exchanged and possible minutes for whoever does it. In TV rights we are really a few thousand euros … a club with a net salary. From 500 thousand euros, however, you spend a million and one hundred in total. The real problem is taxes, both for football League C or for companies in general. You can’t even get a lot, but what’s new is the tax credit, so we’ve been able to slightly increase it in the last couple of years. And C can’t be self-managed at all. And then it happens like now, that some clubs jump in every now and then. The other is because someone can’t succeed. I say that despite the scandal, when the president gives up, it’s because he’s constantly and constantly confused. And then you don’t understand the controls, so we spend tens of thousands of euros in the administrative part only. As much as Juventus spends, Veterpezi spends too.”

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