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Tlc: Slovenia Towards Tech Neutrality – Science and Technology – The New Europe

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(ANSA) – Lubiana, Sept 24 – The Slovenian government appears to have softened its positions on the electronic communications law, in contrast to former CEO of conservative Prime Minister Janez Janša, who wanted to gradually exclude Huawei equipment from the infrastructure market. Telecommunications, in line with US interests. After the Jansa government planned to classify Chinese suppliers as too risky to be excluded from future tenders for the 5G network, the current liberal-minded CEO, led by Robert Golub, adopted a new law proposal on electronic communications. Under the new provisions, which follow in the footsteps of Germany, Austria and Finland, we are moving towards technology neutrality as also required by European standards, a move that will allow Chinese tech giants to re-enter bids. As stated by the Government Communications Office, on the issue of its attitude towards Huawei and its interests in providing telecom equipment in the construction of a 5G network on the territory of the European Union, “We make it clear that this must be guaranteed. All suppliers are on an equal level and that the government does not have a prefabricated site for any actual supplier or potential communications equipment. The relevant law was discussed in the committee and will be voted on by the National Assembly in the coming days. (Dealing).

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