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Three months free for non-members who have played Halo, Forza or Age of Empire 4 –

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Microsoft has decided to give PC gamers an Easter gift: anyone who played Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5, or Age of Empire 4 on PC between the game’s release and February 28, 2022 can get it. Three months of PC Game PassIf you’ve never signed up for Xbox Game Pass (PC or console).

Display is visible via Xbox Game Pass website for PC, at this address. It has been determined to be valid for all regions where the service is available, and therefore in Italy as well. to Activate the offerYou must have purchased the above games, or played the free version of Halo Infinite. We repeat that you should never be registered, so if you are registered but your subscription has now expired, you cannot activate the promotion anyway.

Xbox Game Pass

If you are not sure whether you can activate a file Upgrade functionalSimply go to the site referenced above, sign in with your Microsoft account and click Check Eligibility. Moreover, if you activate the promotion, remember to cancel it before the end of the 3 free months, or else you will continue to pay the full subscription. You will be able to use the subscription for all three months obtained even after its cancellation.

Tell us, can you join Xbox Game Pass for PC for free? Or have you ever used the service in the past?

Finally, we remind you of the games for the first half of April 2022 for Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

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