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Three dead, three injured, one seriously, and a 69-year-old man arrested –

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to Paula Caruso

Railroad pensioner with history of xenophobic attacks arrested: far-right extremist. He was released from prison 11 days ago. Clashes between Kurds and the police

The shooting took place on Friday, December 23rd in the center of Parisin a d’Engen StreetAnd the As a result, three people were killed. There are three wounded, one of whom is in critical condition. The shooting took place in the 10th district near the Kurdish cultural center Ahmet Kaya, at 16 Dingyan Street. The prosecutor, Lori Bekoa, said during a press conference that there were three dead people, one person in an absolute emergency state, and two in a relative condition, explaining that the attacker was also injured while he was in the hospital.

A 69-year-old man was arrested.
deal with A Frenchman with a criminal record for xenophobic attacks, retired from the Trans-Alpine Railway (SNCF), where he worked as a mechanic. The weapon used by the agents has been found. Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo said she was a far-right extremist. Hidalgo wrote in a tweet that Kurds, wherever they are, should be able to live in peace and security.

A Dingyin Street merchant said he had heard Seven to eight shots in the street. In complete panic, we were locked inside the shop. While some eyewitnesses reported that after shooting the pensioner, he went to the hairdresser next door, before being stopped by the police.

The police opened a murder investigationmanslaughter and aggravated violence.

French Interior Minister Jard Darmanin She wrote on Twitter: After the dramatic shooting this morning, I’m going back to Paris to go to the scene of the tragedy. All my thoughts go out to the families of the victims.

Thanks to the regime forces for the decisive intervention this morning during the terrible attack in the tenth district. Idea for the victims and their families. We are on their side. A psych counter will open in the town hall in the 10th arrondissement, the Paris mayor wrote in a tweet, Ann Hidalgo.

We do not know the exact motive explained by the Minister of the Interior Darmanin to the press just arrived in front of the Kurdish Cultural Center, but we know he acted alone. Darmanin announced that the places where the Kurds congregate will be protected 24 hours a day by a fixed guard, as well as Turkish diplomatic missions.

Immediately after the minister arrived at Dingyin Street, in the afternoon, quarrels began Among the neighborhood’s Kurdish residents and police officers, protesters were pelted with stones and tear gas by the police. The demonstrators, who may not have been satisfied with the minister’s words and did not feel protected, sang songs of Kurdish solidarity and against Turkey. The protest to demand the protection of the Kurdish community began peacefully, but turned into violent clashes with objects being thrown. Street fires and damage to cars and sirens.

The Kurds have called for another demonstration tomorrow. In the aftermath of the terrorist attack on our headquarters, late in the morning, in which three Kurdish activists were killed, we call for a mass demonstration tomorrow, Saturday at 12, in Place de la Republique / Paris. The Kurdish organization Conseil Dmocratique Kurde en France (CDKF) writes it on Twitter.

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