December 5, 2023

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This ranger finds the missing Julia (8)

Martin Semaki finds the missing Julia (8). Foresters say he identified her by her blonde hair, jacket and shoes.

Summarize the essentials

  • Julia (8) went missing for two days.
  • A forester finally found them.
  • He describes the area as “dangerous” and “a sea of ​​rocks.”

For two days Hundreds of police officers searched Helpers with sniffer dogs, quads and helicopters after the missing Julia (8). During a walk with his parents on the German-Czech border, he went missing with his brother and his cousin. The two boys were rediscovered, and for a long time there was no trace of Julia.

It was about eight kilometers from where he finally disappeared Discovered by Martin Semecki. The woman was sitting on a high meadow and did not attract her attention, the forester said. When she saw him and his colleagues, it woke up. “I saw her blonde hair and recognized her jacket and shoes,” said Semeki of the German “Built”.

He called her “Julia” and he knew they had found the woman when she nodded. The baby was scared and, above all, it spent two days in the woods, Semeki said on Czech TV. He is “complete Annoying but happy», He reports to a newspaper in the Czech Republic.

According to police, Julia had a fever, but was not injured and was taken to hospital. Semeki, who knows the area around Mount Cherchov on the German-Czech border, describes it as “dangerous terrain”. He said in an interview with “Weld” that there are deep forests and “sea of ​​rocks”. Phone reception is also very poor.

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