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“What is this movie? It’s the story of a Trotsky pastry chef in Italy in the 1950s, and it’s a musical. A musical.” with The sun of the futureIn the end, Nanni Moretti succeeded. After the first improvisation for internal communication in My dear diary and the subsequent “teaser” at the end AprilThe director made the movie he was proposing to him unconscious for thirty years. Pastry chef apart, in fact, imagine how different history would be (for the better) if in the days of the Hungarian Revolution, the first major revolution against the Soviet Union, there had been the courage to take sides against Stalinism rather than shelter behind the dictates of the Communist Party.

And Silvio Orlando (in the guise of editor of the party’s faithful l’Unità), he perfectly captures the suffering of the left at the dawn of division, but also the foundations of an Italy drugged with ideologies, never calmed down in earnest. Nanni Moretti, the protagonist with his longest film He will be in the city on Sunday, April 23, to present his film, and he will attend a group cinematic psychoanalysis session for himself and the entire population.

Those from Turin always smell a little of the eternal return. This takes place while awaiting his first theatrical direction in a production of the Teatro Stabile of Turin (love diary Season 23/24 will open in Carignano) and after 16 years directing Tff. In between were previews red dove Restored in 2016 and Santiago – Italy in 2018; Read the diary to the maximum My dear diary In 2020 and performances in theaters, the latter is fleeting, in 2022 as producer Las Leonas. During his many tours in Turin, You can meet him in Roman, where he will present the 5.30pm show; to National at 6pm, after the show 4.30pm; in Ambrosio at the end of six o’clock in the evening and before eight o’clock in the evening; Finally in breakopens at 21.

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In short, a real conquest of copies distributed in 9 theaters to be transferred The sun of the future at the Cannes Film Festival, where it will be in competition for the Palme d’Or. Gaetano Renda, director of the duet Giardini and Fratelli Marx, whose film with Lingotto, Spies and Eliseo, will not be affected by the Grand Tour, expresses his appreciation to the director and comments: «He certainly couldn’t go anywhere. But we love him the same way Because among the Italian directors, he is certainly the one who continues to defend the cinemas the most ». Mocking Netflix and its affiliate “190 Countries” is just the edgier way Moretti shouts it to the world.

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