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From Francesca Basso

Speech by Greek Vice President Kylie. In the November debate on the resolution on “The situation of human rights in the context of the Qatar Football World Cup.” There were those who emphasized the “progress made in labor reform”.

From our correspondent
brussels – Belgian investigation into an alleged Qatari corruption
Towards MEPs and officials to influence the decisions of the EU Parliament made us look with different eyes Resolution of 24 November on “The Human Rights Situation in the Context of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar”
Members of the European Parliament deplore the deaths of thousands of migrant workers, mainly in the construction sector, and ask FIFA and Qatar to compensate the families of the deceased workers. But they also welcome the EU’s “cooperation and dialogue with Qatar as well as with other Gulf states”.

However, it was not easy to get a text to vote on. Manon AubreyGroup leader dShe left / go He noted that he had tried for months to present a resolution on Qatar to the plenary session, finding opposition above all from the S&D group. And in a tweet he asks that In light of what appeared, “this decision must be voted on again.”

it’s a non-legislative textrefers to the political position of the Parliament of the European Union and was adopted for raise hand. So there is no nominal list to vote on the final text. Alternatively, it is possible to reconstruct how individual MPs voted for those amendments in which a nominal vote was requested by a political group. Which after discussion With the interventions in the chamber, most of the deputies criticize Qatar in one way or another, the “World Cup of Shame,” the denied rights, and the thousands of dead workers. There are those who recognize “some positive progress in labor liberalization and reforms”, such as the former Polish footballer Thomas Frankowski of the European People’s Party. For the European Union Commissioner for Health Stella Kyriakides “It is important to note that the staging of the World Cup and the fact that it made existing inefficiencies more visible has in fact accelerated labor reform in Qatar” but “there are also concerns about LGBT rights.” However, these are the words of the socialist vice president Eva Kylie (caught) to amaze: “The World Cup in Qatar today is proof of how sports diplomacy can bring about a historic transformation of a country through reforms that have inspired the Arab world (…). ..).They are peace negotiators (…).We can help each other to overcome our shortcomings.” socialist Mark Tarabella
He (whose house was searched for) indicated that “the country that embarked on the path of reforms” and “the negative, unilateral discourse seems to me harmful to the development of rights in Qatar in the future.” The Socialist is a little more critical Maria Arena (The offices of one of her assistants were closed): “There have been violations and deaths, and compensation is required. We need to work with Qatar to secure this compensation.”

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It is also necessary to pay attention to voices Italian delegation And some components like Andrew Cozzolinoand his assistant Francesco Giorgi
(arrested), h Alessandra Moretti who had a former assistant to Panziri as an assistant. Cosolino voted on the resolution. Moretti reiterated yesterday that he has always voted in line with and in some cases deviated from his S&D political group in support of the tougher amendments introduced by Left/Gue. So did the Democratic Party by choice. The line, as always, was given by the head of the delegation Brando Benefiwho, however, was not in the room that day, was in Italy (indeed it never appears in the voting records). The HDP delegation supported at least six amendments put forward by Left/Guewho stressed the continuing widespread human rights violations in Qatar, denounced the serious and widespread violations of the rights of migrant workers, and called on European Union member states, especially those with major national football leagues, such as Germany, France, Italy and Spain, to put pressure on UEFA and FIFA to oblige the latter to implement fundamental reforms, including the introduction of democratic and transparent procedures for the allocation of the FIFA World Cup and an end to this practice. Sports wash.

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