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This amazing movie is coming to Netflix that will keep us glued to the screen until the end

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NetflixAs we all know, it is a streaming platform that has revolutionized the way cinematic content is understood, enjoyed and more.
Several years ago, in fact, millions of people had the opportunity to watch movies, TV series, anime and much more, to choose from a wide variety.

Here also at ProiezionidiBorsa we have repeatedly reviewed various contents that should not be missed. For example, we talked about This TV seriesIt is a sequel to a great classic from the ’90s. Or again, we recommend watching “3%”, a great TV series, set in a dystopian world, but Not much different from ours.

However, in this article, we are going to talk about a movie that is about to hit Netflix in the next few days. In fact, from February 1, 2022, it will be possible to see “Anne Frank – my best friend.”

An unpublished story about the Holocaust

Surely everyone knows the story of Anne Frank, her memoirs, and her tragic death in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.
However, hardly anyone knows Hannah Goslar, her best friend, who was also kidnapped and sent to concentration camps.

This film mainly tells the story of the two girls and their friendship.
They both know each other in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, after fleeing Nazi Germany with their families.
Ann and Hanna attend the same Jewish school and are still trying to live a quiet teenage, despite the discrimination.
However, they lost sight of each other for 3 years, when Frank’s family decided to go into hiding to avoid deportation. They will meet again, right in the concentration camp, just before liberation.

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So, this amazing movie is coming to Netflix that will keep us glued to the screen until the end

Even if they actually only saw each other, in the movie, director Ben Sumpogart, instead, wanted to get them to meet and interact. This narrative freedom allowed the director to highlight the values ​​of friendship and sacrifice.

Thus, by focusing the story on the friendship and risks that young Hannah took to save Anne, he deliberately underestimated the horrors of the Holocaust. While this may turn your nose upside down, it is actually a good choice for the purpose of the movie. In fact, it is a story aimed primarily at a young audience who also needs to understand certain dynamics.

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