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They released the leaders of Azov in a prisoner exchange. “To the Russian oligarchs Medvedchuk” –

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From Francesco Battistini, sent to Kyiv

Russia released 215 Ukrainian prisoners of war, captured during the Battle of Mariupol. Among the released were the commanders of the Azov Battalion

KIEV – Everyone in the house. In the most dramatic of times, in the general mobilization of 300,000 Russians, on the flight of conscripts from Moscow, Vladimir Putin suddenly opens a window. And in the darkest hour, after seven months of “niet” for everything, he makes the first concession in negotiating POWs: set them free. Hundreds of men of the Azov Battalion, the unrepresented Nazis who had to be tried for war crimes, along with dozens of foreign fighters sent to be sentenced to death. Exciting news about Azov is presented at midnight by Suspline, the official Ukrainian radio. The President of the Presidency, Andrei Yermak, talks about a An agreement was reached between Moscow and Kiev to launch 215 Ukrainian “prisoners of war” (prisoners of war) for 55 Russians especiallyPro-Russian Oligarch Viktor Medvedchuk: Putin’s most loyal friend, publisher Zelensky, was arrested on charges of intelligence with the enemy and pro-Kremlin propaganda on his television screen.

One year before the invasion, February 2021, only one year Anti-Medvedchuk law passed by the Kyiv parliament He angered the Kremlin leader, prompted him to prepare for war and deployed the first three thousand soldiers to the Ukrainian border. We laugh at the Nazis. And we’ll give you back the terrible Medvedchuk. The exchange was in the air and on Saturday it was the right hand of the Ukrainian president, Podolyak, who confirmed that Negotiation steps only They were made only for the “prisoners”. But no one expected them to be practically at the top of the drop-down list All Azov fighters, who surrendered in May after a long resistance in the tunnels of the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol. Pictures of the handover ceremony appeared on social media, in an unspecified place About Chernihiv: Colonel Denis “Redis” Prokopenko and Deputy Svyatoslav “Kalina” Palamar in uniform were seen in a room. Then gradually other names appeared, one of them: “Heroic” (this is how Ukrainian radio defines it) Navy Sergei VolynskyThe commander of the 36th Marine Brigade is the famous “Volina” who led the resistance inside Azovstal.

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there as well Dmytro KozatskyThe soldier who posted pictures of the siege before his capture. It is possible that there will also be those who have released them Some of the 131 women detained, two of whom are pregnant: one in the ninth month. Last September 11, the Russians promised to start the trial of the Azov soldiers: the postponement, as it is now clear, was due to the ongoing negotiations. As a sign of relaxation, Moscow also published a video of the famous soldier Katerina BolchukThe 21-year-old, who was famous for her “Little Bird” (Patashka), because she was photographed in the days of the siege singing patriotic songs. A certain haste was called in Kyiv, recalling the mysterious explosion that occurred on July 29 in Donetsk, inside the Olenivka prison, where at least 53 residents of Azovia died.

What this sudden shift means It’s too early to tell. In the afternoon – with the same astonishment and thanks to The mediation of the “unrepresentable” Saudi prince, Mohammed bin Salman, the famous Mohammed bin Salman, the pro-Russian separatists, released ten mercenaries (five English, American, Swedish, Moroccan and Croatian) captured last spring. Among those, who have already arrived in Riyadh, are Aydin Aslin, Shahon Piner and Ibrahim Saadoun, The three foreign fighters who had been imprisoned and sentenced to death in a show trial in June. The promise was “we will never set them free”. But wars change the winds, and beliefs change, too.

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