June 3, 2023

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They are all queued for the new MoonSwatch


03/26/2022 – 09:11

Update: 10:55

Dozens and dozens of people lined up in front of the Swatch store in Lugano to grab the new design.

The store in Milan was also broken into. The watch was born out of a collaboration between Swatch and Omega. The product is available in eleven models that have the name of several virtual space missions.

Lugano – Some even slept (or slept) in front of the store. Others queued early in the morning. And there are already dozens of enthusiasts outside the Swatch Store in Lugano waiting for the all-new MoonSwatch show at 10 to see the photos sent to us by our prospective readers – MoonSwatch.

Mileage queues also in Milan – Another reader tells us that the Milan office in Swatch (look at the pictureIt was literally stormed this morning. In fact, there was a flood of people in front of the shop waiting for it to open.

Unpublished alliance – Born out of an unprecedented collaboration between Omega and Swatch (both owned by the Swatch Group), this watch is a (cheaper) reinterpretation of the Speedmaster Moonwatch, Omega’s flagship product.

eleven models – The new product is available in eleven models named for several (virtual) space missions on various celestial bodies (Earth, Sun, Moon, Pluto, Uranus, Mars, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune and Mercury).

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