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“They are afraid to tell him….” The secret of the Kaiser supporters

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After rumors about malfunctions in communication systems and weapons, now news arrives from the United States that the Russian President Russian President Vladimir Putin He will be misled by his advisors. the reason? Loyalists of the Kremlin leader may be afraid to tell him the true course of the conflict in Ukraine.

To spread this news will be officer From the US administration, which spoke to CNN, said that Putin was not properly informed by his entourage. “He was misled by his own people about the progress of the war in Ukraine”, explains the official to the American television station. Russian military leaders “They are afraid to tell Putin how badly the armed forces are doing in Moscow.”. Not only. The same source refers to CNN That even now between the President of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Defense there will be constant tension precisely because of Putin ‘Don’t trust the military leaders’. This, according to the official, will lead to one “The ongoing tension between Putin and the Defense Ministry is caused by Putin’s mistrust of his leadership.”

To confirm his claims, the official explains to CNN That the head of the Kremlin has no idea about the Russian army “He was using and losing recruits in battle, indicating a clear lack of accurate information flow.”

In short, news is spreading from the US that Putin loyalists won’t tell the story fact to their president, regarding the standoff in Ukraine and the economic impact of that conflict on the Russian economy. “We believe that Putin is getting misinformation from his advisers about how bad the military operation is and how the Russian economy is being crippled by sanctions.”the US official told CNN convinced. “Council members are afraid to tell him the truth.”Concludes.

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