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Thermostatic valves, how to open the best

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With 2022, increases in law Project: Increases since January have been around 55% for electricity and over 40% for gas. If one can look at energy saving lamps for example, for light, for gas and heating, the correct way is valves To be installed directly on radiatorsAllowing you to adjust the temperature of the house to reduce spending at the end of the month. There are several types. They range from the most traditional, to be installed manually on heaters, to digital ones, which can also be managed remotely on your devices. Most technologies guarantee the most energy savings, usually up to 30%, although it is clear that everything depends on the specific temperatures.

Thermostatic valves, what they are and how they work

saving thermostatic valves Heating It works on the flow of water inside the radiators, in order to maintain a temperature that does not affect the final bill too much. It is especially useful for those who live in an apartment within an apartment building with central heating. They guarantee the possibility for each tenant to set the temperature they want. Usually installed on the side radiators From the radiators, they practically ensure the release of heat in the desired ways and times. The operation of these devices depends on the valve model. those brochures They act by means of knobs that indicate the numbers, each of which represents the temperature level. They are installed on the radiator, based on the temperature set by the user, and act on the amount and flow of hot water inside the radiators. Most thermostatic valves Digital Instead, they regulate the heat emitted by the radiators through other technological gadgets, from cell phones to computers. Valves usually have a coil thermostatic fluid inside them. If the temperature of the apartment or room rises and becomes hot enough, the fluid inside the valves expands. thus reduces water flow Circulating heat in the coolant. In the case of lower degrees, the opposite effect occurs – the volume of thermostatic fluid decreases and the circulation of hot water in the coolant increases. Thus the radiators become much warmer.

Radiator valves and how to choose them

To choose the model of the thermostatic valve to be installed, one should not only consider its price. In fact, digital ones have features that allow a more complete management of the radiators. For example, many devices can be programmed based on the needs of the house. If you plan to travel for a day or two, you don’t need to heat the house as if you’ve been home for a week in a row, probably because you work remotely. Almost all valves are also equipped with an anti-freeze function. It is used to prevent the indoor water system from freezing when indoor temperatures drop too low. In addition to the cost and functions of the valve, you should check that the product to be purchased is actually compatible with the coolant of the radiator. Therefore, the diameter of the valve and radiator must be taken into account. If they do not match, you will need to make sure that the kit you sell also contains the correct adapters. Or buy them separately subject to the correct measures. There are several models of digital thermostatic valves on the market. It can be generally controlled on distanceBecause it is equipped with programs and systems that allow this. It can be set for extended periods or it can be one command and created with Show to work on. Each valve can have its own characteristics. Some, for example, also work over Wi-Fi and are compatible with select apps, which can be downloaded on both Android devices and Apple products.

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Thermostatic valve with OLED screen

Reduces radiator valve energy consumption by up to 30% salkar. It runs on batteries. Three can be installed together to reduce the frequency of replacement. The device is controlled remotely and by voice viaImplementation Smart life. Features include protection antifreeze, resistance to calcification and suspension. The first is activated even when the device is turned off, as soon as the temperature drops below 5 ° C. It is deactivated when it rises to 8°C. Through the second, the valve leads A descaling Routinely to prevent it from rusting if not in use for a long time (eg in hot months). The sleep function turns off the screen OLED screen When the thermostat is idle for more than five seconds, which saves energy and increases battery life. The set contains Six transformers (RA, RAV, RAVL, Caleffi, Giacomini & M28), but not batteries which must be purchased separately.

You can buy it here

wifi thermostatic valve

thermostatic valve

There are many features of Netatmo thermostatic valve A WIFI. This also includes a smart heating option, which allows you to adjust the temperature of the house based on outside weather. The product is compatible with Alexaan Apple HomeKit and assistant googleFor controlling the valve even remotely via a smartphone, tablet or PC. On the energy-saving front, there are two ways the valve can be adjusted: comfort And the Economie. The first characterizes the temperature of different rooms, allowing radiators in some rooms to emit more heat than others. The second instead puts a common cap across the house, to save you more on the bill.

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You can find it here

Three valve assembly

Olympia heating saving valves

There are three valves in a group Olympia. They allow you to save up to 30% on heating costs. It is battery powered and it is also designed with various features. In addition to anti-freeze protection, there is also one that allows the valve to manage the resulting temperature drop open windows Or drafts of air passing through window frames. Then there is a way fast heatingThis pushes the radiator performance to the maximum to reach high temperatures in a short time and then lower it again. View also file child protection, to lock the controls and make sure the little ones in the house don’t play with the radiator. Last but not least holiday jobWhich stops the cycle set in everyday life when you leave for long periods.

You can buy it here

bluetooth thermostatic valves

bluetooth thermostatic heating valve

It always works through technology Bluetooth technology Also thermostatic valve Eve. Made in Germany, it can be used to heat individual rooms and the whole house. For example, you can set the bedroom to 16 degrees and the bathroom to 20 degrees to find it ready in the morning or evening. The temperature of the radiators can be controlled via devices an Apple – iPhone, iPad and Mac – Also with voice assistance from Siri and with smart home hubs for a Cupertino home, such as HomePod, HomePod mini and Apple TV. Just install the appropriate Implementation Eve. To protect those who fear data leakage and problems aggregateThe Eve-branded device does not use the cloud, or various recordings or tracking. In addition to reducing energy consumption, this valve also has many built-in functions, from detecting an open window to recess mode.

You can find it here

Liquid thermostatic valve with integrated sensor

Valves to save on gas billsAmong the models of digital thermostatic valves that have been highly appreciated by Amazon users is the branded HR20 model. Honeywell Home. It is a chronothermal radiator humidifier four times a day energized, as needed. This also has anti-freeze function and child protection function. Fits the most common valves with an M30X1.5 thread, whether produced by Honeywell itself or by other companies, from Braukmann and Oventrop, from Danfoss to Wingenroth.

It can be found here

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Conventional thermostatic valves

Calify heating saving valve

Conventional heater valves are manual and easy to install and adjust. Usually just turn it on Five levels of temperature, which corresponds to the many notches on the handle, from one to five on an increasing scale of different intensity of heat. The best-selling manual heating saver on Amazon is the Caleffi, an Italian company from Mantua that has established itself in the market since its founding in 1962 as a reference in the world of household products. The temperature gradient heater varies from ‘cool’ to 5, for a range from 7°C to 28°C. Works with 338, 339, 401, 402, 425, 426, 421, 422, 455, 220, 221, 222, 223, 224, 225, 226 and 227 valves.

You can find it here

Best selling manual thermostatic valves/2

remote heating valve

Another thermostatic valve among the top sellers on Amazon is the branded manual valve far. With a built-in liquid sensor, it regulates temperatures from 0°C to 28°C. Operation is instantaneous, with a selector numbered from 1 to 5, which rotates to set the desired heating level.

You can buy it here

quick delivery valve

Giacomini Manual Heating Valve

Among the handheld devices are the best performing out there as well Giacomeni. Easy to assemble, with quick couplingIt operates in a temperature range of 8°C minimum to maximum 32°C. She has a certificate Keymark. Developed by CEN (European Committee for Standardization) it is a kind of “European Quality Passport” for solar collectors and water heating systems

You can buy it here

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