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“There is no room for other championships.”

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Calcaño rejects the Premier League: “There is no room for other tournaments.”

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Calcagno rejects the Premier League: “There is no room for other tournaments.” Speech by the President of the Players Union

President of the Football Players Association heel He expressed himself on Super alloy. However, we are still waiting for the official response from the government Milan.

words – “We will have to carefully analyze the content of the sentence and its possible effects, but what we can already say as football associations is that there is no space for other competitions in addition to those already on the calendar. We already have a problem with the current competitions. We are not able to take on more matches and support them.” This is beyond doubt. As we have said in the past, objectively speaking, we will also need to be very careful about redistributing resources and protecting national championships. And to merit, which has always been a constant pillar for us. The national and international calendar no longer supports more matches, which “There were no B teams to play certain competitions. From this point of view, our priority is to preserve the national championships and the entire supply chain, which is not limited to just the Italian League.”

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