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There is no private healthcare in Canada, only public service. And this way is better for people

There is no private healthcare in Canada, only public service.  And this way is better for people

Last week, the Court of Appeals British Columbia He denied the surgeon general’s request to reconsider the judge’s decision to stay the execution Private health services. Both sentences provide for the existence of Canadian law Public health only. The doctor in question argued for the right to privately paid benefits to protect their own health for patients who are (in the doctor’s opinion) endangered by long waiting lists.

In Canada, the medical profession is actually fully integrated public health system, Often supported by private structures (facilities and equipment, not doctors). In some provinces it is also allowed for doctors Invoice Health benefits for patient insurance instead of the government, but not receiving them directly Compensation from patients themselves. In short, in Canada, there is no private healthcare as we know it in Italy; There is only one thing in common, people are good.

People are better off because only public health is guaranteed Equity ownership Among citizens, making everyone equal in need of medical help (not just before the law). Yes, from the head of a company that bills in crores to those who have no assets, everything is the same. The path is the same for all: If you think you have a health problem, go to your family doctor (or an emergency department if you need immediate medical attention). The Family doctor (or emergency room doctor) tries to solve the problem and evaluates whether or not to see a specialist; If a specialist visit is required, the doctor assesses the urgency, and this assessment has decisive weight in waiting times.

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In other words, if you find a mole on your arm and think it’s a tumor, go to your family doctor; The doctor examines and establishes that it is a simple mole, not a tumor; You decide that it might be A tumor and insist on seeing a specialist (you can’t pay to see one!); At your insistence the doctor requests a special visit, which you receive eight or nine months later (a long wait by Canadian standards). On the other hand, if the doctor has doubts and feels that it is more appropriate to conduct a more in-depth investigation into the presence of the mole, he will make the same request to you. You will see an expert In five or six days at most.

It works like this. It’s not easy for some people to accept, but when it comes to health in Canada, it’s in the hands of doctors.

Obviously, the most discussed topic in the public debate is about co-existence Public and private medical assistance This creates an effect on the health system itself: a health system for the rich, thanks to their financial possibilities, can access the private system, and a health system for the poor (public) who cannot afford private facilities is forced to experience the effect of decades. Cost cuts They are (coincidentally!) almost always linked to cuts in education. But you know, it’s an old story.

Conversely, often overlooked is the existence of another effect, Effect of Fraud / Illusion Affects both rich and poor alike. In fact, working independently does not necessarily mean having superior knowledge. Private is also created charlatans, However, he had this shrewd instinct to take advantage of the financial condition of the rich and the deep distrust of the poor; In this case, it would be better for the rich and the poor A good general system. Only by avoiding it will a good public system be formed A conflict of interest Among the professionals working there.

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In the past, the US has chosen to avoid conflict by creating it A private healthcare systemHowever, only the rich have access, but this allows the less rich (not necessarily the poor) to die on the streets. In Canada, the choice was fortunate DifferentInvesting in a public system that can gradually guarantee decent health care for all citizens.