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There are massive updates on Jeremy Renner’s status

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Awesome health updates have arrived Jeremy Rennerthe MCU star who was involved in a terrible snow accident last New Year – an accident so serious that many of the people close to him, including family and friends, not to mention the many fans of Hawkeye’s face in the Marvel films and series immediately apprehensive about his fate, feared for his life. Renner or, at best, to stay paralyzed for the rest of his days.

He was already the doer operate twice But despite messages of encouragement and videos he posted of himself from a hospital bed that gave hope for the best, the latest on his physical condition is worrying and not encouraging at all. «Jeremy has already had two minimally invasive surgeries. But there are serious doubts he’ll ever be able to walk properly again — or at all – A source said, as reported by Radar Online – His loved ones feared the damage might be great enough to occur He was prevented from moving as he used to, unless he completely lost his leg».

On the day of the accident, the two-time Academy Award-nominated actor was hit by ice spores that fell on his leg causing severe blood loss. A neighbour, a doctor by profession, managed to slow the bleeding with a tourniquet, waiting for the paramedics who arrived at 9.50am to take the interpreter by helicopter, in a critical but not desperate condition.

Photo: Getty (Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

Source: Radar Online

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