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Theatrical plot, the player does not realize it

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Bad news for Toronto FC. The Italian footballer changed his mind and despite the ready-made contracts, everything could change.

Now everything is over, but the league situation led to a new idea. The Toronto F.C.Who was now ready to welcome him with open arms Let’s put it in front of a fact. All of these, despite the fact that in practice there are ready-made contracts.

National team development (LaPresse)

Dominico Crisito It was like going inside M.L.S. Already in March, looking forward to the arrival of Comrade in a few months Lorenzo Insine. Canadians will want it already available at the start of the season, which is expected to be very close in the US and Canadian leagues. The situation must have changed, however Criscitto decided to stay in Genoa until the end of the season.

Of status Griffin That’s not really the best. Results did not come and Rosoplus is in the entire discharge zone. CrisittoCaptain and flag of Rossoplay according to XIXth century report His farewell should be postponed in an attempt to lend a hand towards salvation. However, the relocation has only apparently been postponed Crisitto Who should leave at the end of the season A league.

Dominico Crisito
Chrysito (Lapris)

Criscito, Toronto may wait: first the salvation of Genoa

In recent days, the defender, who is still out due to injury, would have spoken to the president Jangirillo With him he followed the game from Skybox. Both then He agreed to extend the relationship at least until the end of the season.

In June, the season is over, hopefully Genoa Salvation is achieved, let us think about the future. However, the Toronto FC is still a popular hypothesisWith Crisitto He would certainly not set aside the idea of ​​joining his fellow citizen and national team Lorenzo Insine On Canadian soil.

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