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The XXIII Triennale is heading towards the unknown Corriere.it

The XXIII Triennale is heading towards the unknown Corriere.it
From Eduardo Sassi

The event to be held in Milan on July 15th was presented at Farnesina: 600 works and 400 artists by Unknown Unknowns. Stefano Boeri: Central Exploration

The unknown, the mysteries of the world and what we don’t know we don’t know: Unknown
Unidentified. Introduction to puzzles The theme that inspires the upcoming International Triennale Milano, the 23rd of the story that will celebrate its centenary in 2023. It will open to the public from 15 July As of December 11, 2022.

A program of exhibitions and projects – presented on Monday 30 May in Rome at Farnesina by Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio, BIE General Secretary Dimitri S. Kerkenzis and President of the Triennale Stefano Boeri – which will bring together 400 artists, designers and architects from more than forty countries. Over 600 works (including 23 commissions), twenty-two international participations With special attention to the African continent (six national pavilions: Burkina Faso, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda).

The unknown, understanding what are the challenges and prospects of human knowledge – said Boeri in advance of the review – today at the Center for All Science. We often say that only five percent of the universe, maps of the ocean floor, and synapses are known. Here, the great shocks of the first twenty years of the new millennium made us realize that we lost track of one hundred percent. We no longer know what the true limits of our species are on this planet. For this reason, exploring what we don’t know and don’t know becomes central. And to take a fresh look at the unknown – on an interdisciplinary journey that will unite art, science and imagination – as lead curators of the event, astrophysics has been called. Arsilia Vodo (European Space Agency’s Chief Diversity Officer), H Francis Kreuz, has just been awarded the Pritzker Architecture Prize 2022, the most important recognition for this discipline. Born in Burkina Faso, Kerr will oversee installations in the Triennale’s common areas and two facilities dedicated to Voices of the African Continent. Voodoo Courier is instead thematic exhibition, the nerve center of exhibition 23, with one hundred works, projects and installations by artists, researchers and designers to confront the unknown.

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Unknown to return as Leitmotiv Also in the exhibition The real worldCurated by Herv Chands, Artistic Director of Fondation Cartier. Grand Invit 2021-2024 by artist and theater director Romeo Castellucci with two projects: one performance titled tomorrowWho is waiting for the exhibition and is open to the public these days (until June 5), installation, ECscheduled to be held in November.

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