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The Xbox Series S will struggle to support the developer’s most graphically demanding games

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GamingBolt interviewed Tadas Migauskas – game designer and producer of Caverns of Mars: Recharged – who talked about xbox s And how condolence in his opinion, It will struggle with more graphically demanding games to advance the generation.

Asked if the Xbox Series S will always be able to offer i 1440p@60fps What Microsoft promised were his words: “Short answer, no. If we take the imperfect FLOPS measure and compare Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, we get a difference in GPU computational power equal to 3 times.”

He also adds that the memory differences between the two models must be taken into account. In general, the Xbox Series S is too “weak” to properly support future games that require higher computing power. In the same interview, Migauskas mentioned that Difference between PS5 and Xbox Series X GPUs That’s not much and they’re both very powerful devices. However, the difference between the two gaming machines will be seen in the coming years, when teams learn how to exploit them properly and new technologies become available.

xbox s It may be the least attractive option in the long run, but it certainly remains a great way to get access to the current generation of games at a much lower price than the Xbox Series X and PS5.

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