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The Vicenza Devils beat AC Milan at home, and Andrea Delfino won

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MacControl’s Diavoli Vicenza win at home against long-time rivals AC Milan on penalties thanks to Andrea Delfino’s decisive goal, at the end of a well-balanced match, well fought and played by both teams, as Vicenteni had the determination, and that amount of luck required, in addition to Michel Frigo (on goal) in good shape, to beat a great team.
A tight match, exciting, with chances from both sides, even if Milan shot a lot more in front of the goal, while Vicenza missed some good chances and suffered from speed, experience and even the quality of some opponents, but he managed to have the courage. His teeth, playing with intelligence and character, was able to count on the goalkeeper’s great saves, and in the penalty shootout roulette he won the second successive penalty shootout in direct clashes with the Lombards.

First half: VICENZA-MILAN, 1-1
In the first half it was Milan who took the lead a little more than a minute later with the goal of Belcastro, sent by the former Loncar, and then it was Frego who avoided extending the opponent. Vicenza interacts, and goes to the conclusion with Delfino, just outside, and once again Vicenza golie thwarts Milan’s attack. A beautiful solitary strain by Dal Sasso and this time it is Mai who steps in and must also thwart Delfino’s subsequent conclusion. Milan have two forces on their side, but the Vicenza players, with the support of their goalkeeper, were able not to give up and just six minutes after the break got the equalizer thanks to Francon’s beautiful net, cold and good at passing Mai. So it is the Devils who benefit from the power game that can lead to the advantage, but the Milan goalkeeper and opponents are good at blocking every space.
In the last minutes, another shot by Michel and another by Milanes. We go to period 1-1.

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Second half: Vicenza Milan, 1-1
In the second half, Milan again advanced a minute later, as is practically the case in the first half, putting Hodge in the net after a pass from Villala. Opponents are trying to extend, but again Michelle Frigo is good. The Devils are trying to hit the outside post and return with a draw thanks to the goal of the bomber Delfino, who was well sent by Cantelli. Milan, however, does not stand idly by and again stops the counterattack by the red and white Julie which is overcome at the next two conclusions. Dal Sasso did not find the door and on the coup in front of him the wonderful Michelle on Fiala alone in front of the door. Then it was May’s turn to cut Delfino’s conclusion in half. Just under two minutes from the end, a foul was called on Dal Sasso and Vicentini found themselves at a lower level, but they managed to hold out until the siren sounded sending both teams into overtime.

Overtime and penalties: Decisive Dolphin, 0-1
Both teams try to manage time and fail to find the glimmer of victory until we get to the penalty shootout: Milan starts wrong with Vendrame, then it’s the turn of the Demons who don’t pass with Francon. Milan goes to the penalty kick with Captain Panchero, but nothing to do while the bomber swells Delfino. Then a mistake by Villala, one of the symbols of the opposing team, closes the match with a victory for Vicentini.

Table – Mac Control Diavoli Vicenza – Milan Quanta, 2-2 (1-1); 3-2
Mc Control Diavoli VICENZA: Frigo M., Olando, Cantele, Francon, Delfino, Sigmund, Centofante, Ustignani, Trevisan, Dell’Uomo, Zerdin, Pace, Baldan, Frigo N., Simsic, Dal Sasso. All Maran F Milan How Much Price: Mai, Pignati, Ferrari, Hodge, Jumpin, Ederl, Vendram, Viala, Seca, Belcastro, Panchero, Loncar, Ronco. Herds Tesari R.
Referees: Slaviero and Rigoni M.
Networks: pt: 1:16 Belcastro (M), 13:49 Francon (V); st: 21:00 Hodge (M), 29:13 Dolphin (V), 45:00 Dolphin.

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