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Sony suggested PlayStation Plus over Xbox but Microsoft “didn’t allow it”, says SIE –

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Another interesting background emerges from various documents declassified by the British CMA regarding the battle between Xbox and PlayStation to acquire Activision Blizzard: Sony will try Bring PlayStation Plus to Xbox but Microsoft won’t allow thatThis is what the Japanese company mentioned in the report.

So it would be a completely opposite answer to the assertion Microsoft has already made in the past regarding the fact that it proposed distributing Xbox Game Pass on PlayStation but received a refusal from Sony. It is difficult to say when and how this proposal will be implemented since official documents sent to the British antitrust authority do not accurately convey the terms of the agreement bid, of which there is no word yet.

Microsoft’s position on seeing availability Game Pass on PlayStation How the solution to all the potential damages caused by this transaction seems kind of empty, considering that Microsoft does not allow PlayStation Plus to be available on Xbox,” read documents sent to Sony to the UK’s CMA.

While the position of Microsoft is well known, which has repeatedly stated that it is open to bringing Xbox Game Pass to other platforms, as has been said a lot by Phil Spencer as well, this is really the first time we’ve heard of the opposite situation, with Sony never having made such a point. Comments or otherwise expresses willingness to bring Game Pass to Xbox or other consoles.

Obviously, neither company would have much interest in offering a competitor’s subscription service on its own platform, so the answers are certainly understandable, but the fact that this alleged proposal was also made by Sony awaits further information or data on its case.

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