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The TV series “Il Re”, one of the first Italian prison dramas, was shown

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From Jailbreak to Orange is the new blackthere is a lot TV series abroad Which talks about life in prison. But there are very few Italian prison dramas, so Luca Zingaretti’s novelty immediately conquered the audience. After leaving DIY shoes Commissioner MontalbanoThe actor dressed up as Bruno Testori, the protagonist the king. The shots were mostly inside a prison. Let’s find out what the sites are.

Turin, the prison where Il Re . was filmed

Sky TV Good news in Italy: it takes us Right behind barsDiscover a world we still hear so little about. Bruno plays Luca Zingaretti, the director of San Michele prison, a border prison, where the law is practically enforced – at least until some event occurs that may “topple” him. So it’s easy to understand Many scenes were filmed in one facility This, at least, is a lot like prison.

Well, this property is located in Turin And it really is a prison – or rather, it has been for a very long time. This is the Le Nouveau prison complexIt is located in the Cenisia region along one of the main paths that cross the historic center. It is a long and turbulent history: it was built in the second half of the nineteenth century, during the reign of Vittorio Emanuele II, with the aim of collecting all prisoners Until then scattered in various places of confinement around the city.

In the darkest period of the last century, Between Fascism and Nazism, Le Nuove hosted political opponents, and unfortunately, many people were deported and sentenced to death and torture. For the remainder of the 20th century almost unharmed, albeit with many transformations, the prison was only abandoned in 2003, when it was finally replaced by the new complex located in a more outlying area of ​​the city. After undergoing a lengthy restoration process, today it is home to many cultural initiatives, and in one of its wings houses a Interesting museum itinerary which works between different cells.

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Il Re . TV series locations

So the Le Nuove prison complex and outside as well One of the most important sites For fantasy with Luca Zingaretti. Here, last summer, several shots were shot and work lasted for about a month, inevitably under the watchful eye of the most curious. But there are many other places that were the backdrop for the scenes the kingbroadcast on Sky starting from March 18, 2022.

Plus some great views of TurinAmong the main groups we can not fail to mention Trieste, to which we have devoted an in-depth study. This is the “Border City” where San Michele prison will be located, which we can admire in a completely new look in the new TV series. And again, there are also shots that were set in Rome and in CivitavecchiaWhere there is another old prison the production was used to shoot several scenes.


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