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The sun’s annoying smile, the earth trembles: the storm arrives

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Three corona holes on the sun to form a sarcastic smile. Unequivocal signs of the expulsion of the solar wind towards our planet.

Stunning and disturbing image at the same time. In the past it was a rather repetitive combination, able to define the uniqueness of some moments and the drama of others.

Photo: Canva

About the concept of the scene we have to discuss and it may not be the right time. The fact is that a disturbing photo has already been taken, at least for those who are accustomed to astronomical matter. A picture of the sun, or rather its face. She was distinguished by a sarcastic smile immortalized by NASA and a source of great concern among the scientists who watched her. Solar Dynamics Observatory He did not have a similar sight for some time: it turned out that the surface of our star, in fact, is dotted with large dark spots, placed in such a way that the drawn image of eyes and a mouth is unmistakable. Twisted with a strange smile.

A must have suggestion for Halloween night or who knows other visual impression. The fact is that coronal holes, a phenomenon far from unknown to astronomers, decided to make them this time At least two “tricks”. The first is to arrange for himself an annoying smile, as if predicting strange behavior. The second, however, remains unknown. Linked to the consequences of the exit of the solar wind from the corona into space. Who is responsible for the “holes” on the surface of the Sun.

The smile of the sun warns scientists: what could happen

Even the verb “alarm” can be discussed, even if only in regards to its use not always aimed at its correct function. Perhaps, in some cases, the term “alert,” such as the one that characterizes NASA’s SDO offices, may be rewarded. In fact, the solar wind is nothing new. And in the past, movements of this kind have already been observed on the surface of the Sun. But on the surface. In this case, the holes are part of the so-called “crown”, The outermost part of the sun’s atmosphere For this reason, closer to the ground. Regions that appear darker show lower plasma density and cooler temperatures, as a result of the solar wind being expelled. If these came from the aura, the direct effects on Earth might be more noticeable.

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Usually, these phenomena give rise to the spectacular northern lights (this time yes), as a result of the collision between the radiation of the solar wind and its particles with the Earth’s atmosphere. However, in the worst case, it may be strong enough to form a full-fledged solar storm. This is the (likely) scenario. To keep scientists alert, If only for the possible consequences of a very strong wind influence on our atmosphere. The main risks are related to the electrical grid and the ground connection to objects in orbit. In practice, the range of verifiable scenarios includes general ground blackout and satellite fallout.

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Certainly, a possibility with a minimum of possibility. But in 1859 Strongest solar storm ever recorded Telegraph networks were sent into a state of solstice and the northern lights were lit in decidedly unusual areas. Today, with the jungle of telephone networks, both fixed and fixed, growing exponentially, even the potential consequences must be calculated proportionately. There won’t be much to laugh at…

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