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The story of a respected family, the location of the series / Where was it filmed?

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A new TV series will arrive tonight on Canale 5 Respectable family story with the Ansar Giuseppe Zino NS Simona Cavallari. Fantasy set Apulia. You can’t miss it Barry As the center of the stories that are told in the series but among the places we visited we also find Polignano Mari His smile hangs over the blue of the Adriatic Sea. Among the sites also in the Middle Ages Conversano On the slopes of Murgia, lively monopoly and special centers for fasano NS Estonian. In short, Puglia is the hero: on the other hand, the short series “History of a Respected Family” received the contribution of the region and the Puglia Film Commission. New Mediaset product set in Old Barry, one of the provinces of Bari, which bears the real name San Nicolas. In fact, the largest number of shots could have been made in the regional capital. San Nicola is the historic district of Bari, nicknamed “Old Bari” since the 19th century to distinguish it from the New Town, founded in 1813 during the reign of Joachim Murat, and embedded within the ancient walls. The area is sandwiched between the two ports of the regional capital of Puglia: the old and the new.

Location “The Story of a Respectable Family”: All the places where the new Mediaset series was filmed

The series “The Story of a Generous Family” is based on the book of the same name written by Rosa Venterella This in her writing tells us about the strong connection with the city in which she grew up. In particular, Palazzo Palmieri is a base camp. This building is also the site of the police headquarters “Lolita Lubosco Investigations”. Moreover, also in Monopoli, the Castello Carlo V area for the houses of the characters and Torre Incina and its surroundings are both exploited for scenes that involve dropping off hunters and smugglers for filming.

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The series tells the years 1985-1992 through the eyes of Maria, the youngest child of a family of fishermen from Barry, a spirited girl with a rude style in doing so that earned her the nickname Malacarne. Summer in old Bari passes through the alleys of a district made up of abuses he has suffered and inflicted and from which it is very difficult to escape. In the family of Maria in addition to the sincere father Antonio de Santis (Giuseppe Zeno), the loving and submissive mother Teresa (Simona Cavallari), there are two older brothers, Vincenzo and Giuseppe and grandmother Antonetta, old and wise. Maria’s only constant point, in the years between childhood and adolescence, is Michel, son of President Nicola Straziota to the worst family in town. The friendship between the two is strengthened and strengthened, despite the animosity of families and the low blows of life. Until that feeling, strong and subtle at the same time, becomes love. Love, even if it is impossible, keeps them from the decadence that surrounds them.

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